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Although I have to translate it all to Hebrew – I find your materials so far – the best of their kind on the net. As the leading content marketing specialist in Israel I enjoy all very much, and so do my clients and students. Thank you!


I’m a professional trainer and coach. Consulting, Coaching, Designing and Delivering on Learning/Change Programs is how I make a living. Sharyn and her team create top notch content. When I have a short deadline, I always check her site for any content that is available. It saves me a tremendous amount of time from researching and organizing the information. If you’re a trainer, coach or any type of professional development provider, I highly recommend you give Sharyn’s products a shot. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks, Sharyn, for making these programs available. I can tell that time and effort are put into each of the training programs developed.


As much as it pains me to write this testimony, I know you need to make a living and in all honesty the products you put on Business Content PLR are some of the best written and well organized business products I have found. I just wish you would quit sharing all my trade secrets with the competition. If everyone takes the time to learn what you are teaching then this market will become a very competitive one.

You have turned me into a Business Content PLR junky. I have a wish list, my own personal (self proclaimed) monthly club so I can catch up on your past products and I still find myself looking for ways to buy in between my monthly fixes.

As you can tell I appreciate what you do. Don’t stop, you’ll throw me into withdrawals.