Getting Started with Blog Talk Radio – Tips & Tricks


Getting Started with Blog Talk Radio  is a customizable "how to" report on not only how to get set-up with your first Blog Talk Radio broadcst, but also how to create a World-Class show, get it listed in iTunes, and promote it on social media. This report is also a great addition to our Simple Podcasting Secrets training program (comes with PLR). Use the Blog Talk Radio report to get people comfortable with an easy way to broadcast, then move them into podcasting on their own … [Read more...]

Simple Podcasting Secrets – Fully Customizable Training Program


  Podcasting is hot. Just one look at the iTunes store and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of free podcasts available for download. There are new podcast apps showing up all the time for smartphones, and the podcasts themselves range from those by big name marketers to famous comedians to self-help gurus to spiritual and religious broadcasts. With our fully customizable training program, Simple Podcasting Secrets, we've given you the tools you need to help people get started with … [Read more...]

Kick Start Guide to YouTube


The Kick Start Guide to YouTube is a customizable PLR report that gives Step-By-Step instructions for YouTube newbies. There are even some tips and steps for people who have been on YouTube for a while, but haven't been using some of its features. Use the guide to teach people how to get set up and off to a fast start on this enormously popular social website.  YouTube has grown to one of the most important and diverse sites online today and has proven itself to be a massively relevant … [Read more...]

A Kickstart Guide to Facebook Pages


A Kickstart Guide to Facebook Pages is a customizable, illustrated PLR Report that provides easy-to-follow steps on how to set up and modify a fantastic Facebook Page for your business or organization. Learn everything that goes along with taking advantage of this incredibly powerful marketing tool in a way that will make sure you end up with the most effective and dynamic Page possible! Updated! As of September 2013 - to reflect most recent Facebook changes A Kickstart Guide to … [Read more...]

Tips for Finding More Clients with LinkedIn


50 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find More Clients is a short PLR Report that provides an introductory guide to making the most of LinkedIn to find clients for your business. LinkedIn has sparked a revolution in professional networking, but tapping in to this gold mine of a resource is not so straightforward. There are a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of a good visitor-to-lead percentage. In this report, you will find 50 tips that will help you maximize your ability … [Read more...]

Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air – Getting Started


Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air - Getting Started is a customizable, PLR Report that provides an introductory guide to getting set up and making the most of both Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. Our report walks your readers and customers through the basics of getting started with Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. Even the most tech-shy newbie will be able to run their first Hangout after reading and following the report. Google Hangouts & Hangouts on Air: Only $11 Teach your … [Read more...]

Local Social Media: PLR Report for Offline Businesses


Our Social Media for Business: The Locals PLR Report focuses on the steps offline businesses need to take to get set up on local social sites. Offline businesses can greatly increase their traffic and customers through location-based social sites, search engine results, and apps. Use this local social media PLR report to help them get off to a start while generating leads for your own offline social media consulting business. NOTE: If you need content for helping businesses get set up on … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business: The Majors – PLR Report


The social media PLR Report on Social Media for Business: The Majors covers all the steps needed to get a business set up on the major social media accounts where businesses need a presence. Many local, offline businesses still find social media a mystery and a challenge. You can help them get off to a start while generating leads for your own offline social media consulting business. Or use them to educate online businesses about how to get started on social media. The Social Media for … [Read more...]

Building Online Communities for Your Business – PLR Report

Building Online Communities

Our Building Online Communities PLR Report is an introduction to some of the most popular platforms for creating a thriving online community for your business, along with best practices and tips for building communities on each. You'll even get tips in the form of Tweets, to help put the word out to everyone! Limited: Only 175 will ever be sold The Building Online Communities for Your Business PLR Report contains the following: Report Chapters(delivered as full report and separate … [Read more...]

Online Reputation Management PLR Articles Pack 2


This second pack in the series of Online Reputation Management PLR contains 8 articles plus a list of 10 online reputation management tools, article outlines for rewriting and customizing your content, and tips for using your PLR. The first pack in this series (Online Reputation Management Article Pack 1) covered ways to create, manage, protect and repair your online reputation, along with an assessment worksheet. This second pack covers additional management tactics and tools. This second … [Read more...]

Boost Your Blog Income – PLR Articles and Infographics


Blogging may need to come from the heart, but most people want to earn something from the time they put in also. Our "Boost Your Blog Income" PLR pack gives 10 different ideas to help your readers and customers earn more from their blogs, along with tweets to keep their social networks topped up with blogging tips. In addition, we now have a couple high quality PLR infographics that are perfect for sharing and promoting your blogging expertise. [Scroll down if you only want the … [Read more...]

Become a Social Media Consultant – PLR Pack


Our "Become a Social Media Consultant" PLR pack will give your readers and clients a kickstart for becoming social media marketing consultants to offline or online businesses. The articles and tools will introduce them to the basics they need to know for getting set up in this lucrative market, while the additional content ideas will help you generate more content for promoting your own services. Limited: Only 175 will ever be sold The "Become a Social Media Consultant" PLR Pack contains … [Read more...]

Social Media Management PLR eCourse


Our Social Media Management eCourse is designed to help people manage all their social media profiles and daily tasks more effectively and efficiently. It is a 10-part course that includes worksheets for ensuring successful implementation of what people learn in the course. You'll get additional content ideas for expanding the course and promoting it, along with tips for how to use the whole course in different ways to maximize your profits. The course is perfect for people that already have … [Read more...]

Pinterest PLR eCourse – Boost Your Business With Pinterest


Our Pinterest PLR eCourse, Boost Your Business with Pinterest, is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to incorporate Pinterest as part of their social media marketing strategy. It teaches them how to go from dabbling in Pinterest for fun to taking specific actions to use Pinterest as a marketing tool. Each component of the course has specific learning objectives, detailed in the Course Overview, along with an assignment to be completed prior to the next section … [Read more...]

Business Blogging PLR – Article Pack OR Report


Our Business Blogging PLR is available either as articles or as a PLR Report. They both contain content and worksheets that will help companies plan and implement a successful business blog that draws customers back to their site again and again while providing a low cost source of highly qualified prospects. Many businesses understand the need for a blog, but many still don't realize how important they are in marketing and growing their income. Help your readers, prospects and customers … [Read more...]

LinkedIn PLR for Business


Our LinkedIn PLR for Business report contains content that will help your readers and customers discover the real power of LinkedIn, even if they thought it wasn't relevant for them. There are 10 chapters covering all the aspects of getting started and using the most important features of LinkedIn to build your business, along with a cheat sheet for getting up and running fast. While many people know about LinkedIn, very few are making the most of its potential. They may think it's not … [Read more...]

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